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With over 20 years experience in the field of Sound Design & Composing, the services I offer are for a wide range of applications including commercial media projects for Audio Production, Film, Games, Mobile, Marketing, Trailers & Corporate presentation and Video. I offer the following services, which can be tailored to suit your project needs.

Audio Post Production

I can take any recorded dialogue and script and create a professional and polished product complete with Sound Design, Ambience effects and original music Soundtrack. The product can be mastered to either CD or provided as a DDP master. I have a large Library of sound effects, but can also record and produce new effects as required to suit your project. My expertise covers both natural sound effect, perhaps from a period piece, or futuristic Sound Design for Sc-Fi. You can listen to some examples of my work here.

Audio Editing & Restoration

I can edit any sort of, such as a Voice-over or recorded interview or even a full Audiobook, taking out mistakes or unwanted parts as well as correcting a lot of problems. These might include too much background noise, which can be reduced, or spot sounds that need removing, or even reducing the amount of room echo to make the audio clearer. Add to this EQ’ing and mastering to provide a professional sounding result.

Sound Design for Video

I can add sound effects and atmosphere to your video, which could be a Movie, Short Film, Animation, Corporate Video or training Video. Combined with the restoration service, I can also improve bad sounding audio on your video or Film.

Original Music Composition

I can compose and produce original music is many styles, such as Orchestral, Cinematic, Electronic and Rock. This may be a full soundtrack for your Audio Production, Video Game or Film, music tailored for a Trailer, or perhaps you need some bespoke music for your corporate video or a short piece for a commercial. You can here example on the Soundtrack page and also on my Soundcloud site.

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