Busy, busy, busy!

Back in August 2015, I was made redundant from my main job of 20 years. This opened up a great opportunity for me to pursue what I love doing full time - Sound Design and Composing (mainly for Big Finish) and since then, it has been a very busy, but thoroughly enjoyable ride! I have worked on many releases, such as The Churchill Years, The Diary of River Song (one episode), The Avengers (2 episodes) and various Doctor Who - Short Trips. This month is a particularly busy one, with no fewer than 5 releases with my name on - Torchwood - Zone 10, Terrahawks Volume Two, The Curse of the Fugue, Pathfinder Legends: The Slave Trenches of Hakotep, and the above mentioned Avengers.

I am currently working on more Torchwood, more Pathfinder Legends, more Short Trips and The Sacrifice of Sherlock Holmes. It's mainly sound at the moment, so not much music to update on Soundcloud or on this site, but there will be some soon.

And now, back to work…..
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